Symbol Mark
The symbol mark of Dt&C abbreviates the word “Digital” by using “D”, “Technology” by using “T” and “Certification” by using “C”. The arrows on the left and right represent Dt&C’s vision to become a global testing and certification organization. With unlimited growth. The symbol mark shall not be modified or distorted as it is a unique identifier
[Symbol Mark]                          [Logo Type]
Logo Type
The Dt&C Identifier should always include both the symbol mark and logo mark. To effectively communicate Dt&C’s commitment to its customers, the logo lock-up must be abided by the established rules
Color System
The Dt&C identifier must use these original colors on a white backdrop.
The signature combines the word mark and logo types at the optimum proportion and shall be protected from image damage or deformation through precise use in accordance with this Guide Manuel.
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