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What is EMC Testing?
Electromagnetic disturbances caused by the device or system pose threats to human health and environment. Thus, in many countries, Electromagnetic Compatibility test is mandatory. Therefore, all the wireless and communications products on the market are required to demonstrate safety through electromagnetic wave tests.

The Importance of EMC Testing
EMC conformance is mandatory in the world's major market. EMC testing is essential process to meet the legal requirements, enhances the performance of products and reduces the risk of nonconformity. In addition, the third-party EMC test and conformance evaluation by trustworthy institutions is necessary in order to be competitive in the market.

Related Industry
Information and communication technology equipment, industrial equipment, home appliances,  lighting equipment, sound equipment, measuring equipment, radio equipment, etc.
Facilities Specification
10m Anechoic Chamber 30 MHz ~6GHz, 10m, 3m , AC 1Ø, 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Turn table :1.5m, 1ton
LLAS EMI Shield room 9KHz ~ 30MHz, AC 1Ø, 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz 
CE / Disturbnace
Power Shield room
9KHz ~ 30MHz, AC 1Ø, 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz 
ESD Shield room +-(2 ~ 8) kV
EMS Test Room CS: 150kHz ~ 30 MHz, (1 ~18) V
MF: MAX 30A/m
EFT: +- (250 ~ 5 500) V
SURGE:  +- (500 ~ 7000) V
V dip: (0 ~ 100) %
RS Chamber 80MHz ~ 6GHz,  (1 ~ 18)V/m

Main Equipment

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