Company Overview

Professional Testing & Certification Service, DT&C VINA
DT&C VINA helps to improve the quality competitiveness of product by providing domestic & international certification solutions not only to meet the different compliance requirements but also to enter the market in a timely manner. We provide high quality testing & Certification services with qualified professional experts and state-of-the-art testing equipment
We make a better world through challenge for the future and technology


Asia's most valuable testing and certification agency

Mission Statement

We provide the customers with testing and certification solutions through research and development for new fields that the customers require and maximize the value of their products.


Creative Passion and Friendship Movement


As the parent company of DT&C VINA, DT&C Co., Ltd has been specialized in testing & Certification service for electronic & electric devices since its establishment in 2000. In addition to the electrical and electronics sectors, DT&C is expanding its expertise through the establishment of new subsidiaries such as biotechnology, financial services and global subsidiaries.
Electrical electronics Technology
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Domestic corporation
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